Requirements to be a Surrogate

A diverse range of women from various ethnicities donate here, each possessing unique talents and attributes. Thank you for considering donation!

Qualifications of a Surrogate

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Better Life Surrogacy conducts an intensive and thorough screening process before a woman is able to join our surrogacy program and become a gestational carrier. These requirements are necessary to ensure a healthy and happy surrogacy experience. To qualify as a surrogate candidate, you must:

Be 21- 39 years old

Be within a Healthy BMI Max of 31.

Have a healthy reproductive history; having given birth to at least one child .

Have had all births occurring at 36 weeks+ gestation or later (unless a multiple pregnancy) without complications

Be willing to undergo subcutaneous and intramuscular injections

Be willing to undergo a background check (husband/partner needs to as well)

Be willing to undergo a psychological consultation

We are looking for women who truly want to help others fulfill their wish of becoming parents. Therefore, surrogate hopefuls are required to attend multiple interviews, receive psychological clearance, provide all official medical records from previous pregnancies along with a current pap smear, and submit to a full background investigation, including a search of both federal and state criminal records. It is our role at Better Life Surrogacy to screen potential candidates to ensure that you begin your journey with an intended parent or couple with ease and certainty knowing that you are a highly qualified and motivated surrogate ready to share in the commitment and joy in giving birth to their baby.

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